Winning At Work-Life Balance

“Work-life balance is a subjective, internal concept, and you are the only person who can evaluate your success.” -Kaia Roman

I really enjoyed this insightful article on work-life balance by Kaia Roman on I hope you do too!

Forget Work-Life Balance. Here’s How To Win At Life Your Way –


A Perfectly (Un)Productive Sunday

I started off with big plans for today. Sunday is my only day off from work, and today was an exceptionally sunny and warm day for early May in New Hampshire. I had a friend lined up this afternoon to come over and start painting my front porch.

Today was Mother’s Day. The local restaurant that we usually go to for Sunday breakfast was totally packed. It took over an hour to get our food. Not a big problem, I thought. They were doing the best they could. Breakfast was followed by my weekly trip to the grocery store, which went pretty smoothly, then a visit with my mom. But my mom wasn’t home. Apparently, my brother stole her and took her out to lunch. The nerve.

Around 2:30, after I finally got together with my very popular mother, my painter friend called and claimed to be having the same type of day. Things just weren’t aligning properly for this painting project to get off the ground today. I told him not to worry about it. Tomorrow’s a new day. So I spent some time outdoors, visited with my neighbors, and had a much more relaxed afternoon than I had originally planned.

For some reason, the universe didn’t want me to be too productive today. And I think I’m pretty OK with that.